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Women in Business Podcast

Jul 29, 2020

An entrepreneur at the core, technically savvy and financially astute business leader and operator with a record of creating new & innovative opportunities. Creative thinker with 20+ years of finding & owning the "white space" and building new platforms, pivoting businesses, and developing new markets. Dynamic...

Jul 24, 2020



Surely it’s no coincidence that the Managing Partner of Bali Beans was born the same year the plantation got its first coffee harvest!
As a child, Ayu’s world revolved around coffee. Along with books, each morning Ayu packed in a change of clothes, only so she can get to the...

Jul 22, 2020

How One Female Investor Took Her Seat at the Investment Table Guest Elizabeth D. Sigety

Elizabeth D. Sigety co-founded Delaware Crossing Investor Group, an angel network which invests in companies located in PA, NJ, NY, CT or DE. She has personally invested in over 40 companies. By day she is a Partner of Fox Rothschild...

Jul 20, 2020

Brianna McDonald is the currently the President of Keiretsu Forum Northwest. Keiretsu Forum is the largest, most active investment group in the world and the Northwest leader in the organization facilitating over 100 million in investment in 160 companies in the last two years.

She joined the organization in 2005 when...